Enhancing Tomorrow’s People-Centric Workspace Design

From neurodiverse furniture to mental wellness rooms, Peter—global head of corporate real estate—is on a mission to put people first in workplace design.

October 7, 2022 3 Minute Read

We use design to help maximize the productivity of all employees. Environmental factors like healthy sites, green building materials, internal air quality, natural light and biophilia are integral to Workplace360. We want the S in ESG to be as deeply entrenched as the E.
Peter is on a mission. For years, he has helped transform CBRE’s corporate offices into a competitive advantage with our cuttingedge, award-winning Workplace360 program, CBRE’s proprietary approach to workplace strategy. “These high-quality spaces have a reduced carbon footprint and reflect the way people will use office space in the future,” says Peter. Plus, data shows that people feel healthier and more productive when there is more attention paid to functional outdoor spaces, as well as indoor air quality, acoustics and biophilia—the ability to interact with nature.

But, for Peter, it’s more than the greener, technology-enabled space and open layouts. He wants to create the most inclusive and equitable office environment possible—for CBRE and our clients. In 2021, Peter and his team enhanced Workplace360’s accessibility and inclusivity elements. Our newest office designs now feature Americans with Disabilities Act-recommended layouts; all-gender restrooms; neurodiverse furniture and collaborative areas with minimal visual and acoustic distractions; meeting-free, library-like quiet spaces; rooms for mothers, wellness and families—designed for employees, clients and guests with kids; and rooms for mental wellbeing, meditation, prayer or other contemplation.

Workplace360 introduced technology that creates a more inclusive hybrid experience for meetings held in conference rooms called Smart Gallery. During a meeting, each participant’s face fills a separate ‘square’—whether remote or in-person—so all participants are viewed equitably.

“Work has changed. We can’t ignore that. We’ll see more remote work, but central offices are still important. So, let’s make them as flexible, accessible, inclusive and equitable as we can. That’s my passion. That’s Workplace360.”

To learn more about how we’re realizing a sustainable future, download our Corporate Responsibility Report here.

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